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Best Puzzles For Kids That Promote STEM Learning

Did you know that playing with puzzles is good for your brain? Puzzles help promote a healthy mental state, improve memory and decision-making skills, and even reduce stress! You can even improve cognitive and fine motor skills such as spatial reasoning, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving by putting together puzzles that form a picture or 3D model. Puzzles also promote creativity which is important for expanding imaginative play and developing language arts skills like reading comprehension and vocabulary building. They're also just fun and rewarding to complete!

For parents, puzzles are great because they give children something to do while you prepare dinner or get other jobs done around the house. As parents, we're always looking for ways to entertain our kids without sacrificing educational value. Unlike mindless phone games, puzzles help with this! This blog post will explore the advantages your child may get from putting together puzzles from an early age. We will also share some of the best puzzles on the market that promote STEM learning. 

What is STEM?

STEM stands for the four scientific disciplines primarily taught in schools. But what is it? It's a simple acronym made up of the following words: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Studying STEM subjects can lead to some great career paths like being an engineer or even a sports scientist! Engineers work designing solutions to problems in medicine, food processing, manufacturing, and transport. At the same time, sports scientists use both science and their knowledge about how people behave physically (for example, during competition).

Top 5 Best Puzzles for Kids

Do you remember the last time that you played a puzzle? Were you solving it on your own, with a friend, or with one of your kids? Puzzles are not just for fun! They're also educational. With so many puzzles to choose from, it can be hard to pick which ones are best for your kid. Here's a compiled list of our favorite puzzles and why they promote STEM skills.

#5 - U.S. Map Puzzles

We recommend Melissa & Doug's USA Map Floor Puzzle. This one is a classic that every American child should know how to solve! Putting together a puzzle of the U.S. map is a great way to introduce geography and spatial reasoning to your kid. This puzzle will help children learn about shapes and how to find their own state on a map! A great way to incorporate this into playtime is while kids are still learning those topics at school. Map puzzles are great for developing motor skills as they help children improve their dexterity by holding pieces carefully to put them together just right. They also promote problem-solving because puzzles often require creative thinking to figure out how all the pieces fit together when there are no instructions available. You can find these at most retailers near where you live like Walmart or Target.

#4 - Tangram Puzzles

#3 - Rubix's Cube

#2 - Lego's

#1 - Woodiy Puzzles